Devil’s Bridge Waterfall Walk

As we made our way home from our recent holiday in West Wales, we decided to take a rather scenic route and set off to find a place called Devil’s Bridge. waterfalls

There’s something a little bit magical about a waterfall isn’t there?

This one is one of many at Devil’s Bridge in Wales, around 12 miles from Aberystwyth.

We tried twice to find it by following the road signs but unfortunately for us, one sign had moved in the wind and sent us the wrong way by about six miles of windy lanes! We did eventually find it though and so the boys paid the entrance fee of £7.75 for one adult and two children (dogs on leads are welcome and free) and off they went for a 45 minute walk.

I’m finding myself out of breath quite a lot at the moment so my bump and I wandered off to find a brew and a biscuit instead.

boys betsy bridge

The story behind Devil’s Bridge is that an old lady’s cow had wandered across the river and she couldn’t get to it. The Devil happened to be on holiday in Wales and struck up a deal with the old lady; he would build her a bridge if she agreed to give him the first living thing that crossed it. The following day, the bridge was built. The old lady approached the bridge and the Devil was about to take her in exchange, but at the last minute she sent her dog across. The Devil was furious that his trick hadn’t worked and disappeared – never to be seen in Wales again.

Quite a tall tale if you ask me!

As it happens, the Devil wasn’t on holiday in Wales on the day we visited, and so the boys were able to enjoy their walk in peace.

There are three bridges to see along the walk as well as the waterfalls, and in addition there is another section of the walk starting on the opposite side of the road where visitors can see the Punch Bowl. The Punch Bowl walk is only around 10 minutes and is payable by coins at the entrance gate turnstile.

The walk to see the waterfalls and bridges is certainly worth your while, and there are several viewing platforms to get a good look at the best bits. There are a lot of steps though (around 100) and they’re very steep so this really is a walk for those who are steady on their feet, and not recommended in icy weather. This photo is slightly out of focus unfortunately, but you get the idea!

boys on steps

At the end of the walk is a free viewing telescope which is worth making use of before heading back to the start. Then once you’re done, there’s either a pub or tea rooms to choose from nearby while you take in the rest of the beautiful views of the area.

For more information on the waterfalls at Devil’s Bridge, you can visit their website.

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