Eight dream holiday destinations

It’s so hard to choose where to go on holiday, isn’t it?

If money was no object, and there were no wars or unrest, where would you go on your next family getaway?

My top ten, in no particular order, would be:


I’ve been once before to Barbados and had the best holiday. I’d spend more time touring the island and going off the beaten track next time I think. The people we met there were so incredibly friendly, and I bet asking a local to show us around would be brilliant.

St. Lucia

I’m not really sure why, but St. Lucia has been on my must-visit list since I was about 21. I did say I would go for my 40th birthday but that’s fast approaching and there keep being new additions added to my destination list! We’ll have to see…


For the food! The food in Barbados was amazing (especially at Oistin’s Friday Fish Fry) but I reckon the food in Jamaica would be next level. There’s only one way to really find out for sure though, right?


I look at friends holiday photos from Mauritius and I am insanely jealous! I definitely need to visit at least once in my life. It’s just picture perfect.


My husband went to Canada once and have raved about it ever since. Literally, for 10 years he’s been harping on about how amazing it was. So I guess that for him, us visiting Canada would be brilliant. Plus, I hear Canadians are super lovely. My dad visited last year too and can’t wait to go back. How could you not want to see views like this more than once in your life?!

Koh Samui

Ever read ‘The Beach’? It made me want to visit Koh Samui from the day I read the book. If you haven’t, you should! (Don’t rely on the film!). THe setting may be perfect, but don’t forget to prepare for tropical travel with Malarone┬ábefore you go!


With climate change and the understanding that the Maldives is slowly but surely sinking, I’d like for my children to see it and have some photographs of it to show their grandchildren in years to come.


Not quite as exotic as some of the other destinations on my list, but I really REALLY want to see the Northern Lights and Norway seems like a great place to try!

So tell me… where are your dream destinations?


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