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I know we’ve had something of a major heatwave here in the UK this year, but despite it being as warm as lots of holiday destinations I’ve still thoroughly enjoyed leaving the country to find new places and meet new people.

Our last trip abroad was to Pamplona in Spain and our next is to Berlin in Germany, so we’ve stayed fairly ‘local’ for 2018 – something of a contrast to 2017 when we braved a long haul flight with a baby on our way to Florida.

It isn’t always easy to decide where you’d like to visit next, and I love finding inspiration from others when I’m planning my next trip. Berlin is where one of my loveliest friends grew up, so we’re heading there with our children to sight see with her. It will be like having my own personal tour guide!

Making friends in Morocco

I’d like to go back to Morocco soon but this time I’d like to take the children too. I’ve been before on a girly trip with a friend but since reading about a friend’s family trip there this month I think there is a lot more to do than what I managed to squeeze into three days.

I find it quite easy to be inspired to try new places, but if you can’t decide, why not ask around? Where is your neighbour going this year? What’s top of their go-to destination for a last minute trip? How about one of the girls from the gym or one of the parents from the kids’ football team? I’m often surprised at people’s holiday destination choices.

There’s also a great little tool on the Loveholidays website – you can find out where people near to you are choosing to go on a last minute holidays – I was really surprised to find that Morocco topped the poll for Lancashire. Try it for your area here. Love Holidays are a great online travel agency and the website is so easy to use – after 10 minutes’ browsing on their website I’ve usually got another few places on my ‘must-visit’ list!

I’ll be thinking about my 2019 travel plans soon enough too, so I’ll be taking inspiration from other Brits and finding some new places to try next year.


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