My Travel Wishlist for 2016

One thing I wish I’d done more of while I was younger is travel. Having said that, I think I would have wasted my trips on all inclusive boozy holidays, so maybe travelling when I’m a bit older isn’t such a bad idea.

We have two children in school and jobs to go to, so seeing new places isn’t the easiest thing in the world for us. Not only are we restricted by time, but we also don’t have a money tree. What we have to do then is choose our trips carefully, shop around for the best price and cram in as much adventure as we can once we’re there.

Another thing Ted and I did this year was travel separately. I went to Morocco with my good friend Emma, and then later in the year Ted went to Prague. Granted, his was a stag do so I’m not sure how much culture he actually experienced!

I’d really love to be able to get to the end of 2016, look back and think ‘we rocked this year’.

On my travel wishlist this year is…


I visited Barcelona a couple of years ago but there just isn’t enough time during a quick city break to see everything you’d like to, so next year I’m hoping to grab a couple of days away with Emma and cram in as much sightseeing as possible.

disney world

Disney world

We’ve been saying for a few years that we’d like to take the boys to Orlando but I’m never sure what the ‘best’ ago would be. Louis is 8 now and Rowan 5 so I think next summer will be just right. We haven’t ever been abroad as a family of four so it’ll be Rowan’s first flight and Louis’ second, though we flew out to Barbados on his first birthday so he doesn’t remember that holiday at all.

Scenic View Strathyre


We took a 3 day break with Forest Holidays this year and I fell utterly in love with the cabins and the general style of break. They’re not the cheapest way to enjoy the countryside but they’re so worth the money if you can manage it. I’d really like to go back to Scotland next year, either to Strathyre where we went this year or to their other Scottish site at Argyll.



A place that has recently come to my attention, I would really love to be able to spend some time at Kotor Bay next year. It looks to be a magnificent place, relatively unspoilt by tourism and not too expensive to get to either.

I can’t see me managing all of these trips in the next 12 months unless I win big on the lotto, but a girl has to have dreams!

If you could go anywhere next year, where would you choose?

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  1. We visited Disney World this year, I just love it, and Barcelona is not of my favourite cities. I find it so hard deciding where to go next, I want to go everywhere. But hopefully Florida again I seriously could go every year x

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