Our 2017 travel plans: Disney

We took a fair few short breaks last year, went to a festival or two, and went on several day trips, but no big holiday as we waiting for our baby to arrive. Well now he’s here, he’s no longer a newborn and we are raring to go!

As much as we love to get away from it all, we have never taken the children abroad. There is so much on offer here on our little island that you can spend years exploring it and never visit the same place twice. The UK is truly beautiful in places and if you get a bit of sunshine too, well that’s a bonus.

Having said that, there is one place I’ve always wanted to take my children to, even before I had any children! I always dreamed of being able to take a family trip to Disney World.

Well my dream is about to come true as 2017 is the year we are off to the U S of A with all three of our lucky little boys. I’m not sure who is most excited but I think it’s probably me.

There is SO MUCH to plan – I’m already thinking two weeks isn’t long enough to fit in everything we want to do and see. Of course there are the theme parks – we have opted for just the Disney ones rather than Universal too because I really don’t think we would be able to fit any more in. It’s also a perfect excuse to go back when they’re slightly older! We got a really good deal with the Disney tickets I think; 6 parks, kids eat free, £100 off per person and tickets to Cirque du Soleil thrown in – I’m very happy with that!

In addition to the Disney park tickets, we’ve booked an Everglades airboat tour, which my husband is very much looking forward to.

We still have a lot to plan around our trip to Orlando, and it will obviously be our main holiday this year. We are hoping to have another break later on in the year, though we will be staying on UK soil. I’m hoping for a roadtrip around Scotland for Autumn – but the planning for that has yet to begin.

Hopefully we’ll be able to fit in a couple of festivals and maybe one or two weekends in the motorhome too, but for now it’s all about Disney!


    • It really is Rachel. We haven’t been abroad for a long time, and after this it will be a long time again I think!

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