Overseas Adventures: How To Prepare For A Family Holiday

You have been dreaming of the perfect family holiday for years; mulling over hundreds of sunny destinations and sandy beaches. The day has finally arrived for you to purchase your long awaited trip and you have worked so hard to save up for it. Your spectacular family holiday will creep up like a blink of an eye and it is important to recognise that going abroad is much more complicated than packing for a day out. Get yourself prepared in advance and avoid the stresses of packing and travelling with little ones.

Perfect Packing

Make a detailed list several months before you’re due to head on holiday. It is likely that the list will get longer by the day, so this will allow you extra time to remember the things you’re bound to forget first time round! Essentials such as sunscreen, medication, baby wipes, non-perishable snacks and favourite books should be top of the priority list. Don’t forget that there will be supermarkets in whatever country you choose to travel to, so there’s no need to enter panic mode if you forget anything!

Travel Tricks

You know how stressful it is trying to get out of the door on a normal morning; this stress is heightened on a day you’re supposed to catch a flight, trust me! Consider staying close to the airport the night before you’re due to fly. Hotels such as, Moxy London Heathrow Airport will allow you to relax and start your vacation a whole day early. You won’t need to worry about cooking breakfast in the morning, making the bed or hoovering up the crumbs after dinner the night before!

Activity Strategy

Before you get to your destination make sure you’ve done your research on the local activities for both you and the kids. Try and opt for a hotel which caters for children so you have the option of letting them go and enjoy games during the daytime with other children their age. You need time to relax and unwind too, so don’t feel guilty for letting the kids club look after them for an hour in the afternoon. Swimming pools are always a huge hit with the kids, so make sure you factor in time for them to take a dip each day.

Making Memories

Yes, holidays abroad can be chaotic and nerve-racking at times, but don’t forget to enjoy the time that you’re away from home. Try and relax without being afraid of straying from your usual schedule. Make special memories with your family and take plenty of pictures so that you capture those special moments together. Rejoice at the time away from Wifi and disconnect from the real world whilst you can.  

You and your family deserve the holiday of a lifetime, so be sure to eliminate any potential stresses ahead of time. Spend some time perfecting your packing methods and get familiar with the sunny location before you hop on the plane. You will soon be set up for a smooth and jubilant holiday full of memories for all the family.

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