Romantic Trip to Italy? 4 Italian Cities You Should Consider Visiting

Do you want to surprise your significant other with a romantic trip that you will remember forever? This is a sweet gesture, and although it requires much preparation and patience, it will definitely bring you even closer and sparkle the romance and passion in your relationship.
As mentioned already, you need to think carefully and make wise decisions when it comes to planning this romantic getaway. One of the first things that you have to decide is where you will go. Italy is one of the most romantic and beautiful European countries. But where exactly in Italy should you go? You will find 4 cool cities below. Whichever city you choose in the end, for better budget management, do not forget to put some money aside for the expense of hiring a car to take you from one attraction to another. Hiring a car with Enjoy Travel will make staying on budget easier, as it enables you to compare car hire prices, while you are certain that you do not compromise your safety. And now are you ready to get inspiration as to where you and your significant other could travel to?

City 1: Venice

When we talk about a romantic trip in Italy, the image of a couple enjoying a gondola ride while they are in an embrace comes to mind. There is no better place to turn this image into a reality than Venice. Of course, this is not the only activity you can do in Venice; strolling inside the impressive St. Mark’s Basilica, visiting the Doge’s Palace and resting for a bit in St. Mark’s Square are a few suggestions.


City 2: Verona

Have you ever heard of the love story between Romeo and Juliet? Whether you have seen the famous Shakespearean play or not, you must know of the unconditional love between these two characters and their unfortunate ending. Verona is the city where their story takes place. Of course, your love story does not have to follow the same trajectory as Romeo and Juliet’s in order for you to be able to enjoy all the works of art that were inspired by their epic love.

City 3: Como

Another popular Italian city among couples is Como as it is considered as one of the most beautiful and picturesque places in northern Italy. Lake Como and the preservation of the natural habitat around the city make it so popular. But even the city itself has a lot to offer, since there are cathedrals, museums, fantastic restaurants and majestic little towns all around.

City 4: Florence

Florence could not be missing from this list as it is considered the most romantic Italian city. Going around the city on Vespa scooters so that you can enjoy and admire the spectacular architecture of the buildings all around, many of which date back to mediaeval times and stopping at little restaurants to taste authentic Italian cuisine or gelato sounds perfectly romantic.

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