Three ways to tackle those pesky midges!

A few weeks ago we went to a festival and on the first night felt like we were being eaten alive by midges! The majority of our 20-strong party was bitten all over and so the level of discomfort in this kind of situation is fresh in my mind.

This post is a quick run down of some of the ways we can protect against and/or treat midge and mosquito bites when we’re out and about, particularly during those few weeks of the year when they’re out in force.

Theye mosquito repellant band

I put this on my youngest child’s ankle over the festival weekend and he was the only person in our party with zero bites. I think that pretty much says all I need to say about this band. An excellent bit of kit and something we now have more of in our travel bags.

At less than five quid each there really isn’t any reason not to buy a theye mosquito repellant band because deterrant and treatments sprays are more expensive and not as effective in my experience.


This is something my husband uses on fresh bites to take the sting away. A small handheld piezo device, Zap-it! generates a harmless low, electrical impulse when ‘clicked’ against a bite.

These ‘zaps’, created by crystals, work to reduce histamine flow and stimulate capillaries into flushing out toxins, thereby stopping the urge to itch and scratch. Zap-It! can be attached to your keys or your rucksack and can be used on up to 1,000 bites so it should last you a while! Available for around five pounds online and in stores.

Mosquitan Mosquito Patches
Once squeezed Mosquitan Mosquito Patches last for up to six hours. DEET-free and suitable for all ages, the patches use a patented ‘stick and squeeze’ delivery system to help keep mosquitoes and other biting insects at bay. These are particularly useful when camping, I find. My husband is always the one who suffers the most bites and they definitely help him to reduce that.

Because they do not need to be applied to the skin, these patches provide a natural alternative that’s safe to use for the whole family. They cost £8.95 for 24 patches and are available from

How do you combat a midge or mosquito issue, particularly when you’re by lochs in Scotland because that’s where we find them to be out in force!

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