Roald Dahl Day: The BFG Project

The BFG is our favourite Roald Dahl story, so for Roald Dahl Day this year we decided to do a few related activities to mark the occasion.

We have read the book so we watched the film, and my thoughts turned to other possible ways to celebrate.

In the end we decided on making Snozzcumbers for lunch, playing a Roald Dahl game and creating our own Dream Jars.

This is how we got on.

Roald Dahl Game

This Roald Dahl edition Brainbox game is one of many games we have at home by The Green Board Game Co. Their games are brilliant for children like mine with their busy minds and somewhat short attention span. This memory game lasts for ten minutes and is suitable for two or more players aged seven and above. Its great fun to play in between more taxing activities, after dinner or on a long car journey.

We also have Brainbox games on the subjects of French, Nature, Football and Science – they’re really brilliant and a very fair price too.


My husband has many books from his childhood, and his Roald Dahl Treasury is one of his most prized possessions.

Keen to share it with his own children he began reading through the book with them when they were very young, so the treasury is now a family favourite.

Within this book are some receipes including one for Snozzcumbers! We tried it out in anticipation for Roald Dahl Day and it was a great success. They were pretty weird to eat, wht with being so slimy, but we enjoyed making them and discussing how the ones in the book might’ve tasted. Conclusion: yak.

To make your own, just peel and core two cucumbers, stuf with tuna and tomatoes, coat with mayo/poppy seed mixture and add some feta chunks. To buy the book, go here (aff. link).

Dream Jars

The Dream Jars in The BFG film are just wonderful. I’m not sure how I could recreate them as perfectly as that though so I turned to YouTube for assistance. I found this video for inspiration and we set about making our own dream jars.

We used kilner jars, cotton wool until we ran out and then loo roll, food colouring and glitter. Our gold labels are actually Duck Tape. Who knew Duck Tape could be so glam! There are loads of colours and patterns about now (have a look!).

Anyway, I digress.

Our Dream Jars were my favourite to make because it gave us the opportunity to talk about our own dreams, nightmares, hopes and wishes, fears and goals. What I had imagined would be a 10 minute craft activity turned into a really good quality conversation with my boys and I enjoyed it all the more.

There are lots of other ways to mark Roald Dahl day too. Have a look on the official Roald Dahl website for some printable activities and more ideas.

Don’t forget to read a Roald Dahl book to your little ones at bedtime tonight!

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