Squidge’s Christmas Wardrobe

Anyone who knows me or follows my blog will know I have a deep love for gorgeous toddler clothing. I may have three children but only one still allows me to dress him clothes of my choosing so I intend to make the most of that for as long as possible!

Everyone has to have a Christmas Day outfit and that is the first thing I got sorted for Squidge when I started to think about the festive season.

In his first year, Squidge was so little I could get away with this adorable ensemble…

But he’ll be almost two and a half by the time December 25th rolls around so I need to move with the times!

On Christmas Day I think we’ll go with an outfit he has actually worn before – these youngsters grow so quickly that I like to get some decent wear out of the things we have!

You can’t have Christmas Eve without new pyjamas though can you – it’s a tradition my sister and I had as children and one I’ve always carried on for my own.

For his first Christmas, Squidge had some really cute Christmas pyjamas which were hand-me-downs from a cousin.

Last year I matched him up with the dog… yeah, I know.

This year though he’ll be wearing his new, luxury cotton, green checked pyjamas by La Coqueta. We are definitely stepping it up a level for 2018!

The detail on these pyjamas is just beautiful. The little red trim sets off the green and gives the pyjamas a real Christmassy vibe.

They’re so soft to the touch so I imagine they’re super comfortable to wear.

La Coqueta pyjamas come beautifully packaged too, so they are the perfect gift. I always make up Christmas Eve boxes for my children and they get new pyjamas in those, so these will be in Squidge’s box this year.

Do you have little Christmas traditions like our new pyjamas one?

Karen x

*we received a complimentary pair of pyjamas to feature in this post.

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