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Under the Sea Stories: Book review

Under the Sea Stories by Stuart Lightman When we were little, our mum used to tell my sister and me made up stories at bedtime. I can’t actually remember what any of them were about but I remember that I…
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The Tin Can Word Game

Rowan is one of the youngest children in his class, and when he started school aged just four years and three weeks I was worried. He’s a bright kid, but his brother was almost five when he started school so…
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The Penguin Lapbook Project

Rowan has been showing a keen interest in penguins lately so I thought something penguin-related at home would be fun for us to do together. My first port of call is always the Twinkl website because I know that if…
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Making Magnetic Slime

I was browsing Pinterest when I came across someone who had made magnetic slime. I thought the boys would love to make their own slime, so I clicked through to find out what I needed to buy. Unfortunately, the site…
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