My 2018 Wanderlust List

With 2017 having been an expensive year for travel for our family, this year has to be less so if we want to undertake the European road trip I’m so desperate to have next year. More about that in another post!

I’m absolutely terrible at staying home though so we do have to have some trips planned throughout the year or I fear I may lose my sanity. For me, it could be a simple overnight trip to a theme park or a couple of nights under canvas – breaks don’t have to be expensive, they just have to be enjoyable. Of course, a cash loan is an option but I like to have the money saved before I spend it if I can.

Firstly, I’m hoping to do a few UK city breaks this year, as I wrote in my previous wishlist post. Again, they don’t need to be anything particularly fancy. I just love discovering new places and even more than that I love taking my children on new adventures as often as possible!

Secondly, I am hoping to take each of the two older boys on a short break on their own at some point throughout the year. Badger and I are off to Berlin with friends, and I’m looking to book a break for Robot and I to go to Spain later in the year too. I know I could save the money and put it towards my beloved 2019 road trip plans but what is life if not an adventure!

Lastly, we’ll be doing a few festivals and camping weekends. We are very fortunate to have use of a quite lovely motorhome, we have a great tent and all the equipment required for a very comfortable camping break, and now we have a lovely tentsile tree tent to take with us on our travels, too!

We have already been down to the National Forest to visit Drayton Manor for the day, and we stayed overnight at the nearest YHA whilst we were there. I’ve been down to London to visit my youngest sister too, leaving the mice to have a weekend without the cat at home!

There’s only one things holding us back from travelling more, but I guess work is necessary to fund all these wishlists!

Where are you off to this year?

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