Gadget Guru: Dear Ski Diary…

Ah, snow. I love the snow.

Of course I knew it was going to snow some more overnight last night because I checked the weather on my phone when I was in bed. Actually I had a bit of trouble getting off to sleep last night, but I’ve got an app to help with that so it wasn’t too much of a problem.

As soon as my alarm went off this morning I was up and at ’em; a new day means more time for the slopes. I’ve been tracking my progress you see. If I beat my personal best time today I’ll be thrilled and once I input it on the activity tracker I downloaded last week I’m pretty sure it’ll take me right up to gold level!

It looks colder than yesterday so I’ll put my thermo-sure, infrared, bluetooth enabled super coat on today. That way I’ll be able to signal the coffee machine later, to make sure there’s a hot cuppa waiting for me when I get back to the chalet. Is there really anything technology can’t do?

First though: shower. I’d better be quick though, time is ticking.

Waterproof, wireless speaker? Check

Music streaming device? Check

Electric thermometer for optimum temperature comfort? Check

Let’s go!

Okay – shower done. Now for my outfit. Already sorted my coat, so I just need the hat with built-in earphones, gloves with touch technology and those salopettes that link up to my skis and change colour according to my speed. Honestly, they are so cool.

Blimey, didn’t realise how long that took! I might just make the last lift if I hurry. Can’t wait to smash that record though and get my personal best. It’ll be great, and I’ll be able to celebrate with…


Who will I celebrate with? Everyone else hit the slopes hours ago. They’ll have shared the thrill of the race as they raced down together, they’ll have marvelled at the wondrous views across the region from the top of the ski lift, they’ll have laughed together at the bottom of the slopes, high on the exhilaration of their journey.

I’ve been so busy faffing with my mod cons and snazzy accessories that actually, I’ll be by myself.

Perhaps there are things technology can’t do…

Tomorrow, maybe I’ll head out to the lifts with everyone else.



This is my entry into the Crystal Ski Explorer competition. My entry is a diary excerpt by fictional character ‘Gadget Geek’, whose brief was:

You spend most of your time… downloading your tracking data.

If someone’s invented it, you’ve got it. Your jacket has a heating

system, your phone has a resort specific GPS system, and your

watch projects a hologram of the solar system. You’re indisputably

the ‘King of Kit’! If however, your moves leave you a little short of

becoming mountain royalty, don’t worry – just wait for reality to

catch up to The Matrix, then download any missing ski and

snowboard skills direct to your brain.

The moral of the story? While technology has a large and very important place in our modern lives, there’s really nothing better than ditching the screen and reconnecting with what really matters: people.

Wish me luck!

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