5 Baby Travel Essentials

There’s no such thing as travelling light when it comes to travelling with a baby. Over the Christmas break we took a quick two night break in the motorhome and despite having had two babies before, I was surprised at how much I had to take for Eric. Last time we took him on a mini break he was only four weeks old and he needed a fair bit of kit then, but this time there was even more to consider since he interacts much more and needs lots of entertainment!

These are five things that made my life a lot easier when on a short break with four month old Eric.

1. Wrap

I love baby wearing and it’s lots easier to carry Eric in a sling or wrap than to have to negotiate a pram through a forest walk or up and down steps. I would have been completely lost without my faithful stretchy wrap.

2. Snoozeshade

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When I wasn’t wearing Eric, he travelled in his pram. Sadly he’s more or less outgrown the carrycot part of it now (sob!) and so is just getting used to the pushchair. I find our Snoozeshade to be indispensable when on full days out or in cool or windy weather. Eric really isn’t a great napper but he definitely sleeps longer with the Snoozeshade on. Well rested babies are happier babies, and happier babies have happier mummies!

3. Nimble Babies Milk Buster

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When we’re out and about, particularly at events like festivals, luxuries like very hot water aren’t guaranteed. I take Nimble Milk Buster with me to make sure bottles are as clean as they need to be and it’s really reassuring to know I don’t have to worry about something as simple as clean bottles.

4. Aquaint Sanitising Water

This is literally a sanity saver for me. I had a hungry baby and was stuck in town. I nipped into boots for a disposable bottle but apparently they don’t stock them any more. We ended up with a new bottle, a bottle of ready made formula and Aquaint. I washed the new bottle with Nimble in the feeding room (thank you, Boots!), sprayed it with Aquaint and fed Eric. It was a stressful 10 minutes but the feed was sufficient and we were able to head home feeling much calmer. Now, I always keep a bottle in the car.

5. tommee tippee bottle warmer


This something I take everywhere with me if I’m away with the baby. Actually, even if I’m leaving the house just for a couple of hours. With hot water I can either make up a feed on the go (pack formula too!) or warm a carton of ready-to-drink milk. The water stays hot for hours and hours too – much longer than an insulated bag. This bottle and food warmer will see us through weaning too, so it’s a mum’s best friend.

So there you have it. Five things I have with me when we’re away.

What else would you add to the list?

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