Camping in Clitheroe

Ever wondered what camping is like in Lancashire?

Ey up, we’re here in Clitheroe
Pitching up our tent
The footprint’s sorta mould
One ot’ poles is bent

The forecast did look lovely
On checking yesterday
But the sun went in
And the clouds came out
At the beginning of our stay

So venture into Clitheroe
Is what we think we’ll do
We hear they have a market
An’ it’s a goodun too

We’ve got a coupl’a neighbours
They’ve already had a row
‘Hold that pole, now keep that there,
Oi, what you doin’ now?!’

So here we are in Clitheroe,
We’re camping like we’re ‘ard
But truth be told I’m freezing, me
I’m Northern but I’m mard

We’re only gonna stay two nights
I think it will be plenty
I’m getting soft in my old age
Keep forgetting I’m not twenty

The wind’s gettin’ up
The tent is swaying
Best peg them guy ropes down

We’ll light the barbie
Crack open a beer
When we get back from town

This camping lark in Clitheroe
It’s not for the feint hearted
Especially at 3am
When yer wonderin’ who farted

The kids are playing football
The dog is quite content
We’re freezin’ but we’re ‘appy
In our big green six man tent

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  1. Jenny @ The Brick Castle

    Any poem I’ve ever written while camping was probably booze and cold fuelled and made far more sense before I slept on it!


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