Get kids into golf

Last week the two eldest boys and I were invited to try indoor golf with Online Golf. Neither of the children have tried indoor golf before, they have only really had a go at crazy golf which is quite different!

Last year, Online Golf launched #OGGetKidsIntoGolf, an initiative to ‘Get Kids into Golf’ starting off with a family friendly event based in Leeds. Due to its success, this spring they expanded and visited Manchester on for an afternoon of golf-related fun.

We arrived a bit later than everyone else and R was somewhat reluctant to join in at first, but L got stuck straight in…

Trying to perfect his stance

They both then spent a good hour listening to the friendly bunch from Online Golf giving them guidance and instruction on all things golf. From their stance to their swing, the boys learned a lot during the morning.

Taking in some good advice

After a lovely lunch the boys headed back to the golf area for some fun demonstrations. Thanks to The Place Aparthotel for the food – the pizza was truly delicious!

The biggest lesson R learned here was not to be cheeky! When everyone was asked if they were enjoying the day, he decided to shout ‘no!’. He’s such a character, and although as a parent I wanted the ground to swallow me a little bit, wouldn’t it be boring if we all conformed? Luckily golf-pro Dean Davis saw the funny side and made a little bit of an example of R for his cheek…

Learning a lesson of a different kind!

The boys and I had a lovely day with Online Golf. They have asked if they can go and play at their uncle’s golf club now, where he is a greenkeeper. So the event certainly achieved its goal of sparking an interest in the sport. If we do manage to get up to the golf course, I’ll do a follow up post.

Thanks to Online Golf for hosting the event.

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