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Our backpacking adventure: Weymouth

I’d heard that Weymouth beach was a good one, so I was keen to make sure we visited during our whistle stop tour of the area. The weather wasn’t exactly perfect for the beach but it was dry and not…
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Our backpacking adventure: backpacking kit

Do you know how difficult it is to pack the right stuff for a week or backpacking during a typical English summer with two small children and no car? Just imagine how trickyย it must be. Now let me tell you…
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Our backpacking adventure: Route

Last August I took leave of my senses completely and spent 6 nights backpacking in the south of the UK with my husband, our four year old and our seven year old. We decided that we’d like to see some…
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Five Backpacking Essentials

We’re off backpacking as a family soon and I’ll be honest – I’m nervous about it. Being wholly responsible for two small people is scary enough at home, but out in the big bad world with only whatever you can…
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