Introducing Feisty Pets

If there was ever a time to introduce you to the newest members of our family, it’s Halloween.

Feisty Pets are a cuddly toy with a difference. Unlike anything you’ve bought for your children before, these cuddly critters have a definite dark side. Perfect for children with a sense of humour and not for the easily frightened, Feisty Pets are bound to create a stir in your house this year.

Feisty Pets don’t need batteries (Whoop!) and are really easy to use. You simply squeeze the back of their head to transform them from cuddly companion to fearsome furball – brilliant!

Sir Growls-a-Lot and Princess Pottymouth made their way over to our house this month and settled in so quickly you’d think they’d always been here.

They just made themselves right at home – so adorable!

watching TV…

joining us on days out…

threatening the children…

What more could you want from a family pet?

Princess Pottymouth and Sir Growls-A-Lot are just two from a wider range of eight Feisty Pets, plus an extra one which is exclusive to Smyths Toys.

Besides ours, who are completely adorable and considerably worrying in equal measure, I do have a bit of a soft spot for Glenda Glitterpoop – I mean, who couldn’t love a unicorn with glitter in her name? Glenda was captured at a global peace rally while inciting a riot, and has started a new life at the foot of children’s beds the country over. Who would’ve thought it?

Our own Feisty Pets have been busy at home. They help with the dishes, the housework and the laundry – just an absolute pleasure to have around.

They also trash bathrooms, torture the other soft toys and terrorise the neighbours but we’ll gloss over that.

This week, Princess Pottymouth has been helping us with our Halloween preparations. We don’t usually celebrate Halloween in a huge way to be honest, but she and Sir Growls-A-Lot seemed extra keen this year so here we are. Before the big day, the Feisty Pets have been running a recruitment drive.

Has anyone seen my little boy?

If you dare get your hands on a Feisty Pet of your own, some have been released (from prison) and can be found running things in Smyths Toy stores or online.

Thank you to Feisty Pets for sending two of their adorable terrors to us, free of charge, for the purpose of this review. We’ve had a tonne of fun with them!

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