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Why sleep in a bed in a house every night of the year when there are so many adventures and experiences to be had elsewhere?

For me, our house is somewhere we have to be based on account of going to work and school. What I really love is to be off away for the weekend (or longer if commitments allow). We camp, we motorhome, we caravan, we rent cottages… and now we’re going to try and do something different, and report back to you lovely people.

I have always wanted to sleep in a lighthouse. So I started Googling and quickly realised that there are some really weird and wonderful places to spend the night in the UK! Why sleep in a house when you can stay somewhere brilliantly unique? Here are some of my favourite finds online, all here in the UK. There’s no way I can tick them all off my ‘Must Visit’ list but I definitely had to share them.

A beautiful country windmill (photo courtesy of theguardian.com)
A beautiful country windwill (photo courtesy of theguardian.com)

This is Llancayo Windmill in Wales has been a real labour of love for those restoring it. It has been transformed from a dilapidated shell into a luxury holiday home. How cool would it be to say you spent the weekend in a windmill.

A treetop adventure, deep in the forest (photo courtesy of independent.co.uk)
A treetop adventure, deep in the forest (photo courtesy of independent.co.uk)

This is Bensfield Tree House in Sussex. Imagine the spectacular views of the surrounding forest as you gaze from your tree house window. Just remember to be brave going over that rope bridge! This one isn’t child friendly and is quite pricey but oozes quality and luxury. Perfect for an anniversary treat!

A taste of life on the road: Gypsy caravans are making a fashionable comeback
A taste of life on the road: Gypsy caravans are making a fashionable comeback

I love the idea of spending a couple of nights pretending to be a fortune teller in my old style Gypsy caravan. I can tell the future just thinking about it actually, and the future says that I would love it here at Golden Hill Farm in their beautifully restored caravan.

Lighthouse Llandudno, Wales
Lighthouse Llandudno, Wales

I have no doubt that the views from this lighthouse would be absolutely breathtaking. Watching the movement of the sea right outside your window must be so relaxing, almost mesmerising. To stay in a lighthouse would be a tremendous treat! This one is Lighthouse Llandudno in Wales and is actually a bed and breakfast.

Duns Castle, Scotland
Duns Castle, Scotland

As a little girl I used to wrap the biggest bath towel I could find around my head and pretend it was my beautiful long hair. The hair of a princess. Mine would always be longer than my little sisters though because only one of us was ever going to marry the prince, and longer hair made me a dead cert, right? I searched for a long time to find a ‘proper’ castle to feature in this post. It had to have turrets and be very grand indeed. Duns Castle is what I decided on in the end. Isn’t it beautiful?

train carriage
Brockford Sidings

My children love trains, especially old ones, so how wonderful would it be to have a break in an actual railway carriage? That’s exactly what you can do at Brockford Sidings. It’d definitely be ‘All Change’ if we stayed somewhere like this!

Have you stayed in unusual accommodation? Can you think of any others that could go on this list of places you’re guaranteed a unique sleep?



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