Five Winter Hobby Ideas

The arrival of winter always makes me want to stay indoors with the fire on, doing not very much at all.

Throughout the warmer months we take family walks, work on nature projects with the boys and do a fair bit of camping but once the chilly weather sets in I’m always more enthusiastic about indoor activities than those outside!

This led me to thinking about what kinds of things people do to pass the time in winter, so here are a few ideas that popped up.

1. Crafting

Knitting, crochet, felting, woodwork… crafting is huge at the moment and there are tutorials for pretty much everything online. I keep saying I will learn to crochet but never seem to get around to it. Perhaps this winter will be my time!

2. Restoration

Have you ever bought something to ‘do up’? Once you’ve poured your blood, sweat and tears into something there’s a real sense of achievement and satisfaction to be had when you stand back and survey your finished project. Sites like BPI Auctions offer some great bargains for larger projects such as vintage cars.

3. Take up a winter sport

There’s always the option of embracing the cold and taking up a snow or ice based sport. There are artificial and real ski slopes all across the country now and almost all will offer lessons to young and old, beginners and the more experienced.

4. Learn a Language

There are lots of ways to learn a language. From YouTube to lesson subscriptions you can learn almost any language online. The boys and I have started learning Spanish. We hope to visit some friends there next year and get some real practise in!

5. ‎Start a blog

I started my blog one bleak January morning because I was a bit bored, I was on maternity leave and I was looking for a way to document my children’s lives. This online diary quickly became a passion and now I find myself approaching almost everything we do as a family with a potential blog post in mind!

What do you do through the darker months to keep busy?


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