Brighten up your day with just a tenner

When you’re raising a family and watching what you spend all the time, it can feel like life is a lot of work and little play. Sometimes, though, it’s nice to put yourself first for a change and spend a little money on yourself and be self-indulgent.
While you might feel guilty for putting yourself first, try to put those feelings aside and enjoy doing something for you. Even if you only spend £10 on yourself, you can still do something nice, which will give you a lift. It’ll have knock-on benefits for the rest of the family, too – a happy mum is a nicer one to have around!


So here are just a few ideas on how to spend that tenner.

Take some time out to play
We all love to be entertained, and good entertainment doesn’t always come cheap. However, there are so many different ways to play online these days, and some options can offer really good value. Take online bingo. You can play any number of bingo games available online and for a tiny price per game, you have the possibility of winning amazing cash prizes. Of course, the odds of winning are small, but even if you don’t win, you’ll still have been entertained playing the game.
Many of the bingo sites offer free playing credit when you first sign up – so you don’t even have to use your £10 to have fun playing bingo. And if it turns out to be your thing and you want to play more, most sites will match or better the amount you put in with your first deposit, giving you even better value.

Have a mini pamper session
A full-body massage might set you back about £40 to £50. While that might be a bit too much of a splurge for a quick pick-me-up, you can still have a little pampering for a fraction of that price. A quick trip down to the local beauticians and you can get your nails re-polished for around £10. A manicure – with cuticle work, filing and an application of polish – will cost around £25. Even the polish, though, will give you that little bit of me-time, and hands you’ll be proud of for at least a week or two! If you were to go for the full manicure you’d also get three-quarters-of-an-hour of someone’s undivided attention while they take care of your nails and have a chat with you. For a busy mum, who spends the majority of her time looking after other people and their needs, that kind of attention can feel invaluable at times!

Do some exercise


While exercise might not be at the top of your self-indulgence list, you’d be surprised how much of a boost it can give you. You might not feel like going to a class or having a swim, but you’ll feel great afterwards with that rush of endorphins exercise provides. Depending on what your local sports centre is like, there are lots of exercise options for under £10. A swim is always good value, at around £3.60, and many classes such as Metafit, Yoga or Legs, Bums and Tums work out to be around £5 or £6, depending on the centre you go to. That still leaves you cash to spare for a rewarding hot chocolate or a coffee as you recover afterwards!

These aren’t ground-breaking ideas, but they all go to show that a little bit of spending now and then can brighten up your day.

What do you do for yourself, something that’s just your little treat?

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