Catching up with #30DaysWild

After our family bereavement on day ten, I’m sad to say that our #30DaysWild enthusiasm waned somewhat. I’ve tried to catch up but the longer it takes, the more pressure I feel I’m putting myself under. I don’t want to just abandon the whole thing though so I’m going to put the remaining 15 days into this one post.

Day 16: Making Wild Art

Something that’s so very easy to do with the kids no matter what the season is to make wild art. In this photo Rowan made trees from fallen leaves, but you could adapt the project to suit whatever you find.

Nature picture

Day 17: Bug Hotel

There is always a way to help local wildlife, no matter where you are. We live in a very urban area, we have no garden but we still manage to enjoy nature almost every day. We have spoon fed tired bees in the back yard, watched bats on the back street and made habitats for insects – all in the last few weeks. Insects of all kinds are important and so the boys put up a little bug house to help them on their way.

Day 18: Learn bushcraft skills

Bushcraft skills are something our children will inevitably be taught by their dad in years to come, and they are already beginning to learn the basics. Whether it be making a den or simply learning to sharpen a pencil.

bushcraft skills

 Day 19: Sleep under the stars

There’s something really special about sleeping under the stars. Looking up at the black, twinkling sky makes you realise how small you really are in the grand scheme of things and how much more there is to learn, see, do and experience. It brings a sense of freedom and wonder and can really put the stresses of life into perspective.

wild camping evening

Day 20: Go geocaching

Geocaching is something we’re fairly new to, and we have only been out a couple of times. The boys loved it though and it takes you off the beaten track a little bit to find hidden gems and new places. Sign up at to try it for yourself.

Day 21: Visit the beach

There’s something wonderful about being by the sea. Bad mood? Get yourself off to the seaside. It’s natural counselling for the soul. It’s also a place to follow the dog into the water while still fully clothed, apparently…

Day 22: Take in the view

You really don’t have to travel far to be able to take in a great view. You could be looking out onto city lights, taking in the scene from the top of a mountain or sitting in your car on a winding road on a moor. All views have a different type of beauty. One of my favourites just now is the view from my dad’s lounge window, looking out at Pendle Hill in Lancashire.

Day 23: Make rock bugs

This is a fun activity to do after a riverside walk. Collect a few pebbles from the riverbank to take home and transform into a ladybird, a snail or whatever else you like! 

Day 24: Ride a donkey

No childhood is complete without donkey rides. Rowan and his donkey plodded along the riverside, getting to know one another and taking in some fresh air.

Day 25: Visit an old ruin

I love finding abandoned old ruins, thiugh you don’t seem to spot them as often these days. One place we have walked around a few times though is Sawley Abbey. There is a lovely pub nearby, a playground in beautiful surroundings, a river with a resident otter and of course the ruins of the abbey itself. 

Day 26: Spot wildlife from the sea

One of our best family days out for #30DaysWild was taking a dolphin spotting trip out to sea at New Quay in West Wales. We didn’t spot any dolphins, such is our luck, but we did spot lots of other things including a couple of sunbathing seals. The boys both enjoy any kind of boat trip and this was a lovely way to spend an afternoon. 

Day 27: Walk a different path

If you take the same path on your walk each day you might get a bit fed up of seeing the same scenery, plants and fellow walkers each time you go out. Try to mix things up a bit. Take the other route one day, cycle or drive to a different part of your town and discover somewhere new. We have our favourite spots and routes but there’s something great about exploring somewhere new.

Day 28: Splash in muddy puddles

I don’t know of many children who don’t like a good puddle to jump in, and Rowan and his friend are no exception. We spent a rather wet day by the lake and had a wonderful time. Never mind the weather – go out properly equipped and you won’t regret it! 

Day 29: Listen to wildlife

Whether you lie quietly in a meadow or take a walk along the canal, if you listen carefully you’ll hear all kinds of wildlife. Why not try taking the same walk in the evening and compare the sounds you hear? We love to listen to the bats we find with the bat detector.

Day 30: Feed the ducks
Something children can do from a very early age is feed the local ducks. Take some porridge oats and see them gather round. Beware of geese and swans – they can get a bit over enthusiastic! 

*Don’t feed them bread – it isn’t nutritious and it makes them overweight*


  1. Wow this is one massive catch up post crammed with great Country Kids activities. I’d be hard pressed to pick a favourite, but possibly a day at the beach. Even though they are local to us I still find it a treat and it has been hot enough to sleep under the stars this summer too.

    Thank you for sharing all your lovely challenges on #CountryKids

    • Thanks Mich. They do love being outdoors, but I must confess it can still be hard work to pry their ipads away. We just have to try to find the right balance don’t we 🙂

    • Hi Merlinda, we used to take bread too but we went on a guided walk with The Canal and River Trust who explained how bad it is for the birds. Oats is the future! Xx

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your bereavement. You really did make the most of the rest of the days! What fabulous adventures – and they are all right up our street in this house 🙂 We tried to spot dolphins on our boat trip in Ireland but had the same outcome! Definitely something we would love to do again.

    • Yes I think we will definitely be back to try again – hubs was so keen to see even just one and it was quite disappointing. Hopefully we will be luckier next time – and so will you! x

  3. We love doing wild art on the beach with the sticks and shells that get washed up, it’s a surprising way to keep the kids entertained – sometimes we make a frame, and challenge the kids to fill it in, in our Beavers group, too. Perfect summer fun on British beaches 🙂

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