How to choose toys for your child

Your kids are at the most adorable age in their lives right now. They’re inquisitive about things and explore every corner of the house because that’s just how they learn. This is why playing is a great opportunity to learn and practice new skills for them and to spark different interests. And there sure isn’t any need to hurry because they’ll learn at their own pace.

Toys can shape your child’s development in some ways, but you need to be able to choose the right toys for them in order to help them explore the developmental choices available to them.

Choosing Toys that Have More than One Use

Children are naturally inquisitive and will not let an opportunity go by to pull apart and reassemble things as well as pull out, put in and add on as well as build up the toys available to them. So it isn’t as easy as it sounds to pick the right toys because you have to keep these things in mind when you try to buy the right toys for your children.

Toy stores have a huge collection and it’s easy to be overwhelmed with what to buy, but it helps to narrow down your search to toys that are “open ended.”

What are Open-Ended Toys?

These are the toys that can be used in a number of ways and used in different games by your small children so that they learn. Wooden block or chunky plastic blocks that interlock are great examples because they help small children build things and learn more about the things that they make.

Also, good to play toys that have different pieces that need to be assembled and pulled or pushed along are ideal because your children can learn and be active from an early age.

If they are a bit older, they can have building blocks to make their own unique masterpieces, with their imagination and learn logical thinking and problem solving skills along the way.

Help Them Read

There are children’s books, magnetic alphabets and a whole lot more that can help your kids develop their vocabulary from an early age. Markers, crayons, fingerpaints and more with a small sketch book can also be ideal to help them develop their reading and writing skills earlier on in life.

There are a few benefits if you are able to join in with them and read aloud from the story books to them.

You can help them develop an interests in books and help them become independent readers by the time they are older. For instance, they can positively associate with the adult through the engaging storytelling and understand the stories and the meanings of certain words.

This also allows them to observe how you are holding the book and how the pages are meant to be turned. They learn and practice these skills as they get older.

When you have different props like menus, catalogues and magazines for your child and read it with them, they can be familiarized with letters words and the print format for when they’re older.

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