Tips for making your family roadtrip easier

We do a fair bit of driving to and around new places we want to explore, and we love a good road trip. There are some things that make our trips that little bit more comfortable though, so I’ve put together a little run down of the bits and bobs we use on our travels.

Swish to go
Perfect for festival goers but also ideal for hand bags, gym bags, the desk drawer, car glove box and your overnight bag, Swish to Go comes in handy single-use sachets (£3 for six from Boots) and can be used as part of your daily dental routine to give that just-brushed feeling in between regular brushing. The formula
is suited for everyone, including children and during pregnancy.

I like to keep these in my ‘mum bag’ too in case anyone ‘forgets’ to brush their teeth one morning before we leave, or if we eat out and I eat anything with garlic in it!

We use these mostly at festivals where the toilets and washrooms can come with lengthy queues and muddy floors. Some mornings it’s tricky to get the boys to brush their teeth anyway, but these have a great novelty aspect too which always helps!

Theye travel towel

Something we keep in the car all the time is a towel. Since we usually have a boot full of ‘stuff’ on account of our gaggle of children, a compact towel is a very handy piece of kit! These towels from open out to (800mm x 1600mm / 32 Inch x 63 inches) is ideal for either the kids or the dog depending on who ends up muddiest!

These towels are super absorbent and when washed they dry pretty quickly too, so they’re perfect for roadtrips since we usually only take one towel each so I need a quick turnaround.

Gin Gin Travel sweets

Despite my love of winding roads and breathtaking landscapes I actually get really car sick! I keep a box of Gin Gins in the glove compartment of the car or the motorhome because there is nothing more inconvenient that car sickness when you’re going down a long single track road with only passing places!

I actually don’t like ginger very much so I wasn’t sure these would be right for me, but the ones we have are caramel flavoured and are lovely. They’re suitable for the children, very affordable at £1.89 per pack and wheat free too.

Bubble Bum booster seat

When we’re travelling in the motorhome space can be tight and so we use a Bubble Bum booster seat for our 7 year old rather than the one we have in the car.

These booster seats are really handy as they conform to all British standards and they are inflatable! That also obviously means they deflate and fold up really small, fit in the glove compartment of the motorhome when not in use, and can be inflated in seconds when we’re ready to get back on the road!

What makes your roadtrips easier? I’d love for you to share your recommendations!

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