Our Christmas Eve plans

For the past three years I’ve put together a Christmas Eve box for the boys. It’s an increasingly popular trend and contents vary greatly from household to household, but this is what we put in ours:

Fleece blanket
Christmas DVD
New baubles for the tree (one for each of the boys)
Cookies for Santa
New pyjamas

I’ll probably put a couple more bits and pieces in too but that’s essentially it. We spend the evening under the blanket, eating the snacks and watching the film, then the children protest about what time they’re being sent to bed and eventually we all drift off and wait for Santa to do all the hard work. Yeah, right.

Do you do anything special on Christmas Eve? Do you make sure the fire is out so Santa doesn’t burn his bum?! You have to be health and safety aware these days you know! Take a look at what Santa might wear if he had to follow Health & Safety law!

Santa infographic

He only really works one day a year though so you’d think his job works out fairly easy all things considered, until you maybe start thinking about air space security and other reasons Santa might find his job to be a struggle!

I’d love to know what you do to as a family on Christmas Eve. Do the children go to bed willingly? Do you wrap every present the night before the big day?

I think this will be the last year my two both believe in Santa so I’m hoping for a really lovely Christmas morning.

Merry Christmas to you – may you have a wonderful time!

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