Tips for throwing a Kids’ Birthday Party by the Pool

Birthday parties are a wonderful way to boost the self-esteem of children. They serve not only as a validation of the value of children in a family and social unit, but also reinforce the feeling that they are loved and cherished.

Birthday parties are a lot of fun, both for the birthday boy or girl and their guests, and will form a part of their childhood memories. If you own or have access to a pool, why not make the day even more special by holding the party at a swimming pool? To ensure the success of the party, you might want to check out our four handy tips below.

  • Get Your Child Involved

You’re not a party planner or organiser, so you don’t have to act like one. Get your child (and siblings, if any) involved in the process. Discuss with them the guest list, but quickly nip in the bud any suggestion of not inviting specific classmates or playmates – you don’t want your child to use social events as a bullying mechanism. Talk to them about the theme of the party, as well as the menu. Be consultative and open, and use your executive power only sparingly. You want your child to take ownership of the event, so he or she will gain some measure of pride and confidence.

  • Do It Your Self

Once you’ve settled on the theme of the party, you, your child and even their friends can start helping out on the preparations. Start with invitation cards. You can cheat by copying designs from the internet, but don’t print them. Instead, buy art papers and write and draw the designs down manually. Get the kids to do the colouring. Teach them how to fold and put the invitation inside the envelopes. This may seem trivial and time consuming to you, but we promise you, the kids will love it. One last thing – drive the kids and deliver the invitations by hand.

  • Pool Toys, Games and Inflatables

It’s a pool party, so pool toys games are a must. Inflatable rings, noodles, water guns and toypedos are perennial favourites, so you can’t go wrong with them. And make sure you have enough for everyone to prevent any bickering!

Needless to say, safety is the most important aspect at any pool party, and must be taken seriously. Always make sure there are trained first aiders and lifeguards at the pool.

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