Planning a garden overhaul

We live in a terraced house with only a small back yard, but we have just gained access to a little garden across our cobbled backstreet. So it isn’t attached to the house but it is behind it, if that makes any sense!

Anyway, the garden is currently a complete mess. Overgrown, full of cat dirt, smashed glass and goodness knows what else. It is going to take a lot of work but it will be a great family project to undertake during the spring, ready to enjoy in the summer!

The first job will obviously be to clear the rubbish. Once that’s done, then my plans can start to take shape!

For ease, the lawn will be fake grass, which will minimise maintenance and give us more time to actually enjoy the garden once it’s done.

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Something else I always wanted for the older boys was a playhouse, but since we never had the space it wasn’t possible. Our house actually backs on to a park so they never missed out on playing outdoors, but it would be lovely to have a little play house for Squidge. I absolutely love this Little Tikes Tumblin’ Tower but I think we’ll have to see what’s left in the kitty once we’ve done all the work in the garden before we go splashing out on one!

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I think after putting all that hard work into revamping an unloved garden, my husband and I deserve a little treat too! I’m not much of a gardener really and there’s no room for a greenhouse if we’re being realistic, but there are some beautiful feature ornaments and furniture available now and I’m always spotting things at my local garden centre which would look perfect in a little family garden. If I was able to choose something just for me, I would really love a swinging bench. A cosy seat for two, to sit and drink wine with my husband during the evening. We could have a built-in barbecue, and perhaps a patio heater to make sure we’re comfortable enough… I can’t wait to get the jobs all done!

We’ve never really been able to have people round for a barbecue (though we did decide not to be restricted by our little back yard one day and have a teeny cook-out in there anyway!) so it will be great to be able to sit out on the fake grass lawn with friends and not worry about it getting spoilt.

What would you add to a garden if you were starting with a blank canvas?

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