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The boys were really excited to receive Interplay’s Worm World to review last week. We received the kit first, and had to order and wait for the actual worms so it’s been a long few days for them. Every day after school I’ve been greeted with ‘Are they here yet?’

Well today, the answer was yes. The worms had arrived and were safely stored in the fridge. Lucky for them nobody mistook them for a sandwich filling.

First off, we unpacked the box. Included in the Worm World kit is:



The two things you need to source yourself are soil and worms. If it isn’t the time of year for digging up worms, or you’re like us and don’t have a garden, you can order them from Interplay who will send some out to you for a small charge.

As for the soil, we bought a bag of compost and used that. I think that will be okay, but if not I’ll come back and add a note here.

The next step is to layer the soil and the sand as per the instruction booklet.

When adding the soil, we found the habitat to be so narrow it was difficult to use a spoon, or even a funnel because it kept getting clogged up. So we decided to use our hands – the most useful tool we have!

We found that with one layer, the coloured sand actually crept down the sides of the habitat, so make sure you do just compact the soil a little around the sides to achieve lovely neat layers. Our worms didn’t seem to mind at all in the end, but I do like a bit of order.

It’s a messy job!
The key, apparently, is to have lots of layers
The key, apparently, is to have lots of layers

When all of the layering is done, it’s time for the very best part of putting Worm World together .. adding the worms!

Our worms came from Interplay in a tub full of soil and there looked to be between 15 and 20 of them – far more than I was expecting. Louis was thrilled with the utter filthiness of it all, but Rowan suddenly decided that picking up worms wasn’t for him – and off he went! This, coming from a boy whose middle name should be ‘muddy’ was something of a surprise, but there you go.

Our new pets
Our new pets
Give us a cuddle!
Give us a cuddle!

We had a lot of messy fun putting together our Worm World and I’m sure it will be a source of education and fun for quite some time to come. We’re looking forward to learning about the secret lives of worms and watching how they go about their business underground. We’re like nature spies!

Interplay make a lot of this type of product, and you can get triops, butterflies, ants, spiders, worms and others too. To see what’s on offer just pop over to the Interplay website.

Worm World has an RRP of £14.99 and is suitable for children aged five and over. Rowan is four and had no problem taking part in this activity until it came to handling the worms.

The staff are super friendly and when my first set of worms were lost in transit they didn’t hesitate to send replacements. (I don’t envy the person who opened that package by mistake!). If you would rather go and find your own worms – and really we should have – there are helpful hints and tips on where to find worms, within the instruction booklet that comes with Worm World.

Now you’ve seen just how much fun we’ve had with our Worm World, I have a wonderful surprise for you. You can win one of your own!

All you need to do is complete the simple Rafflecopter form below. Easy as (mud) pie!

Good luck!

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Disclosure: We received a complementary Worm World set for the purpose of this review but all opinions are our own.


  1. I can just imagine the havoc that our grandson Chester could cause with the Hovercraft Technokit! So that’s the one for us, we love to live dangerously.

    When I was a kid I had a big compost heap in the garden where I used to collect worms for bait when I went fishing. The Worm World really took me back for a minute there.

  2. Really like the flower press would love to do this with the girls!! although they would probably prefer the worms!

  3. My grand daughter would love the Fairy Garden. Now I have seen it I think I will get her one!

  4. I like all the living world products but if I had to pick, I would chose the butterfly world.

  5. I really like the butterfly world, ive seen t advertised on tv before. do you let the worms go after so long?

  6. We have the snail one already and its so cool. my daughter would love the fairy one and my son the ladybird

  7. When my son was at preschool, they had a Butterfly World. He loved it and was all he talked about for ages!

  8. I like the Instant Flower Press. My 7 yr old would love the Worm World. My 5 yr old would love the Quad Bike kit. Some really great projects here.

  9. Snail world, I know my children would love this as I hate snails…anything to freak mummy out lol

  10. The steampunk jewellery looks amazing to me, but I know it’s not quite to my kids’ tastes!! Especially not the boys!! lol

  11. Ladybird World looks good.Would be good to breed some to let out in the garden as they are so rare nowadays.

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