The perfect nursery for baby

Kinderzimmer : Beds & cribs by Jorge Cases

You know those conversations you have sometimes that begin ‘If I won the lottery…’? Well this afternoon I spent too long a little time browsing through the wonder that is homify.

Well I’ve had a lot of time on my hands while morning all day sickness was taking over my life and I’ve picked out the perfect collection of furniture for the nursery when baby arrives. I just need a bigger house to fit it all in.

Still, I am allowed to dream and so I wanted to put together a wishlist anyway. We don’t know whether this baby is a boy or a girl (though given my track record I’m kind of expecting another boy!) so our theme and furniture is suitable for either. We will be having a gender scan soon (very excited about that!) but even if we did end up with a girl I’m not overly keen on pink so we wouldn’t be going down that route anyway.

Firstly, how beautiful is the crib and drape in the top photo? I love the hanging stars too; perfect for drifting off to sleep in calm and tranquil surroundings.

For storing those heart-achingly gorgeous tiny baby clothes, I adore this Tilly Mirrored Wardrobe from Little Lucy Willow. It’s the stuff of fairy tales don’t you think!

Tilly Mirrored Wardrobe : Wardrobes & closets by Little Lucy Willow

I couldn’t leave this out of my little selection. I love the elephant engravings on this changing table from My Italian Living. I think with the fairytale wardrobe and the blissfully simple and elegant cot these things would make the perfect little nursery for baby.

We’ve already done the bedroom in a jungle theme with wide eyed friendly creatures and a sky blue ceiling, so I think one or two mobiles would finish off the room well. Maybe a sunshine and clouds mobile or something along those lines. I’m a bit rubbish at decorating and design usually but I’m very much enjoying this room for our final (yes, really) baby.

I very much doubt these things would fit perfectly into the tiny room we have for Splodge, but a girl can but wish!

’Miro’ White changing table with drawers by Picci : Storage by My Italian Living

All these lovely pieces of furniture are things I found on If you head over there for inspiration allow me to warn you that it may well cost you – it’s nigh on impossible to browse without buying at least a little bit of something!

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