Children’s Fashion: Leggings by The Princess and the Frock

I have been wanting to run a children’s clothing series on the blog for a while, but I never seemed to find the time until now.

Squidge was recently invited to be a brand ambassador for The Princess and the Frock, and we couldn’t be more excited! What better catalyst than that to make me get moving on my plans?

Claire has been making beautiful dresses at The Princess and the Frock since 2011 and had also been supplying hand made leggings to another independent retailer, Florrie & Max. When Florrie & Max decided to close their shop, it seemed too much of a shame to stop producing these well made, soft, comfortable, organic cotton leggings – so Claire added them to her own business instead!

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I’m so glad she did. I’d been buying Claire’s leggings for Squidge for a little while already so I’d have been so sad to see them discontinued, as I’m sure would many others. Lucky for me, not only has Claire started making and selling the leggings herself but she’s also branching out into other clothing items too – I can’t wait to see what goes on the website next!

A couple of the designs we had before we were asked to be brand ambassadors were the bugs print and the scooter print. We have loved them both and Squidge has been wearing them for over six months and they have grown with him. One of the things (and there are many) that I love about these leggings is the generous cuff on the legs. Folded up when your little one first starts wearing them, and down a little more as they grow. Squidge is still just about in his first leggings which are 18-24 months, and he’s no small fry for his age!

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So since we became brand ambassadors for The Princess and the Frock, we have had three more prints to try out. I completely love them all, but my absolute favourite has to be the dinocorn print. Unicorns and dinosaurs – genius!

The colour of these leggings is so much more beautiful than you can tell online. When they arrived I had to message Claire to tell her just how much I adored this particular print and the background colour. It has rainbows too, so practically any colour top will complement this print. I chose white though, because it’s a new top and I couldn’t wait to put it on him. I have patience issues.

Another lovely print is the lions. I had ordered the lions from the Florrie & Max before they closed but they were lost in transit, so I was really pleased to hear that The Princess and the Frock were still going to be selling that design. Lions are pretty popular in our house, and I’d already ordered a yellow lion top to go with them. Unfortunately, when the ‘sweatshirt with lion motif’ I ordered turned out to be a tiger when it arrived but let’s not nit pick…

Aren’t they adorable with their little outfits on!

I would definitely say these leggings are true to size. Some of the clothes I’ve bought for Squidge’s Autumn wardrobe are so hit and miss with sizes! I know where I am with Claire’s designs and I know the size I order will be consistent each time.

All of the leggings are GOTS certified so I can buy them happy in the knowledge that they are ethically made. Claire makes all the clothes herself, so quality control is strict too! No factory seconds here.

The last print we have is the cat print. I love the that the colours are so bright but the overall pattern is pretty subtle.

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As you can see, our leggings by The Princess and the Frock are totally suitable for all kinds of adventures. While skinny jeans and chinos are cute on little ones, they’re not great for scaling the dizzy heights of a climbing frame or clamouring through the soft play area.

We are huge fans of The Princess and the Frock, and have recommended Claire’s products to lots of our friends. Claire’s hand made dresses are superb and they make me wish I had a little girl to buy for, but Squidge’s leggings will more than satisfy my cute clothes obsession for now!


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