Our Bat Walk with Wild Discovery

We have just returned from a 5 day break at Ribby Hall with fellow blogger Jane and her little boy, and we are full of tales of adventure!

One thing I wanted to get written down while it was fresh in my mind was the incredible bat walk we went on while we were there. Run by Neil, the manager at Wild Discovery, we followed the woodland path through the grounds of Ribby Hall, listening to interesting facts and stories about the bats there, as well as the other wildlife too.

Once we were well into the woodland walk and dusk had started to approach, it was time for the bats to come out to hunt!

There are Pipistrelles, Daubentons, Whiskered and Brandts bats at Ribby, but the ones we watched were Pipistrelles. This is a very small breed of bat, living in large colonies across Europe, South Western Asia, and North Africa. It is very common here in the UK.

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Neil talked to us about habitats, diet, different species of bats, risks, protective legislation… he is a seriously knowledgable bloke when it comes to bats!

We have had a bat detector at home for years and use it regularly with the boys, but no matter how many times you hear a bat’s echolocation on the detector it never fails to amaze me!

I’m not the only was who was amazed – not one person left that walk disappointed.

Neil answered everyone’s questions, he had endless patience with us all – even the slightly overtired children – and there wasn’t a single question he didn’t know the answer to. He did some myth busting too – I always thought October was too late in the year to do bat walks, but it turns out it’s one of the best! In readiness for the winter, bats hunt for longer and with their young in tow too during October. We’ll be extending our bat walk season this year then!

The bat walks are something offered to guests at Ribby Hall, so if you do find yourself on a break there make sure you put your name down.

Although Wild Discovery is in Ribby Hall’s grounds, it is run as a separate business. This means you can go and visit without staying at Ribby – and you definitely should visit!

Prices are very reasonable – £7 adults, £6 children 3 and over.

Jane took the kids there this week so I don’t have any of my own photos to share from this time, but here’s one of the boys with their favourite pig from last year!

Robot adopted an otter pair while we were there this week, but more about that another day!

Wild Discovery have a brilliant offer on this month – during September their animal encounters are two for the price of one – see the Wild Discovery website for details.

We will be back soon to check on our newly adopted otters Geoff and Ollie.

Thanks Wild Discovery, we had fun!


  1. It sounds like you had a great time at Ribey Hall. I need to take my husband on the bat walk – he loves them. I’ve never been to Ribey Hall despite living round her for 20 years – I need to go.
    love Bec 🙂

  2. This post is fascinating and terrifying to me in equal measure! I am petrified of bats and when we moved into our dream home 3 years ago we inherited one. He flies so close to the French doors and windows they have to be closed before he appears. However since here I have read a lot about them and learned a lot. I almost feel going on a bat walk could help me if I could just summon up the courage. Hats off to your children!

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