Sunday Book Club: Be a Llama and Be a Mermaid

I haven’t done a Sunday Book Club post in yonks, because I was writing them on my other blog and I’ve decided not to update that any more.

I do miss sharing the odd book post though so I’m going to move them to this blog instead.

Today I’m sharing two books by Sarah Ford: Be a Llama and Be a Mermaid. These are sweet little collections of Llama/Mermaid adventures, beautifully illustrated by the very talented Anita Mangan.

Each page serves its own purpose. A timely reminder of what’s really important in life, accompanied by a visual prompt to really consider the words on the page.

The Llama in the book shows us how to take life a little less seriously, and teaches us not to rush but to take life at a somewhat more leisurely pace sometimes.

Mermaid… well Mermaid is a little bit different to Llama in that she’s all about the kick-ass attitude! An independant fish tailed female, Mermaid takes no prisoners and can hold her own. She know her strengths and is confident in her own fins. Be a Mermaid is perfect for someone who needs reminding that they are awesome.

These books are so lovely that I actually bought Be a Unicorn too from the same series, and distributed them to some of my closest friends. I’m just waiting for Be a Flamingo and Be a Sloth to arrive and my gifting drive will be complete.

Sarah Ford has lots of books available on Amazon. They are available on Kindle but truth be told I think they’re much better in the proper, get-your-hands on it format.

I think my next purchase is going to be The Little Book of Mumfulness – though that’ll have to wait until I’ve finished handing out my ‘Be a…’ gifts!

See all Sarah Ford books on Amazon (aff link)

I love these little books. They are a beautifully presented reminder of the things we ought not to forget, but often do.

Go on, treat yourself.

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