Choosing a special outfit

I buy new clothes pretty often. For myself, for the kids, for the baby… I’m always coming home with an addition to someone’s wardrobe. This time, I’m in the market for an outfit for my soon-to-be Godson’s baptism. Hopefully the weather will be lovely at the end of May and I can wear something a bit summery. I have a few different things in mind already – silk dresses and pretty shoes aplenty! – though I haven’t decided on anything for definite yet. Recommendations welcome!

The Dress

This is one of the David Nieper silk dresses I really liked. I think it’s smart enough for church and bright enough for a celebration. I love the fact that it’s partly lined too so if does turn out a bit chilly I won’t freeze!

Silk dresses

The Shoes

I need something pretty, no too high but not flat. I quite like these nude courts because I’ll be able to wear them again quite often, I’m sure they will co-ordinate with plenty of other things in my wardrobe.

The Extras

I love this choker from Aldo. My favourite ever piece of costume jewellery was from Aldo so I keep meaning to buy again from there. Maybe this will be the one! I am also looking for a choker to wear for my sister’s wedding so if I don’t get this for the baptism maybe I’ll get it for the wedding. Any excuse to buy pretty new things is a good excuse!

I’m not sure what to do with my hair yet but if I do go for this dress I think I’ll have to go for an up-do of some sort. Not the sort of up-do I have every day – one that looks like some effort has been put into it!

What special occasions do you have coming up this year? Do you always buy something new to wear?

*written in partnership with David Neilson


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