Meal planning Monday 11.04.16

It’s been too long since I did any proper meal planning!

Since I’ve been pregnant I’ve struggled to find the motivation I used to have when it comes to preparing fresh meals for the family and if I’m honest we’ve had more takeaways than you can shake a stick at of late.

I feel a lot better now I’m steadily progressing through the second trimester so this week we are back on track with home made family meals and hopefully a lot more healthy options!

This is what our food week looks like:

Monday: Meatballs and Spaghetti

Whilst I do have more enthusiasm for cooking I am still being kind to myself and so have opted for a ready made sauce for the meatballs rather than home made. No garlic bread on the side for this because it’ll be filling enough and I’d rather the boys ate the meal than filled up on bread.

Tuesday: Jerk Chicken, Seasoned Fries, Corn Cob and Coleslaw

When I was feeling particularly energetic last week I pre-seasoned some fresh chicken strips with jerk seasoning and put it in the freezer. I’ll defrost that for Tuesday, fry it up with onions and put it out like buffet food. The boys love any kind of food presented like a picnic so they can use all the different options to make wraps with fries and corn on the side.

Wednesday: Salmon & Broccoli Pasta

I’m usually pretty disappointed with myself when I make this dish to be honest! So this time, I’ve decided to bake my salmon in milk as usual but then simply add it to cheese and broccoli Pasta n Sauce in the hope that it’s be far more flavoursome than it normally is. Wish me luck with that.

Thursday: Chicken Stir-fry

I’m doing something really quick and easy on Thursday because the boys both have football training. I’ll marinade the chicken overnight on Wednesday in perhaps soy, garlic and ginger or sweet chilli, then fry it all up together when they get home from school. They’ll probably need supper on Thursday night too if they’re eating that early which will probably just be noodles.

Friday: Pizza

The boys both love pizza but I can’t help feeling that I haven’t given them a healthy enough¬†meal when they have it. So to ease my own guilt I’m going to make the boys create their own pizza this week. I’ll make the dough with them the day before then they can top it with whatever takes their fancy on Friday. At least that way they’ll be learning something even though they are eating junk food so it’s good for them in one way!

Saturday: Enchiladas

One of my husband’s favourite meals is enchiladas. We don’t have them all that often but it’s a great Saturday night meal for all the family to enjoy before spending the evening in front of the box or playing a game. Easy enough to make with the help of a kit and very filling too.

Sunday: Roast Lamb

I love a good lamb dinner. The meat is fairly expensive but we always really enjoy it and usually find that there’s some left over for Monday lunch salads or sandwiches.

I’m linking up with Mrs M’s Meal Planning Monday linky where you can find lots of dinner inspiration – just click on the badge below.

Meal Planning Monday


  1. I felt exactly the same whilst I was pregnant with baby Q (now 5 weeks old – where did that go!?)! It’s awful and I have all the empathy for you. Your menu does sound really yummy though! Pizza is always a winner in our house too x

    • Gosh I can’t believe it’s been 5 weeks! We’ve already deviated from this week’s plan but we’ve eaten every day so I’m calling that a win!

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