Something For Me 26/09/14

It isn’t very often I buy myself something to wear.

It isn’t very often I treat myself to an evening of self-pampering.

It isn’t very often I choose what to watch on TV.

How often do you do something, just for you?

This is the first of what I hope to be weekly posts, talking about something I’ve indulged myself with over the past week. It could be shoes or clothes, or maybe a new book. An early night for the kids and a feel-good movie with popcorn for me – really it could be anything that made me happy, relaxed or comforted during the week.

Whatever it is. Doesn’t have to cost a lot. My new book might be from a second hand stall, or a handbag from the local charity shop – treats don’t have to be expensive.

This week, I bought these shoes.

They were £4.00 from Primark and they come in lots of different colours. I chose blue because I was on my way to London to do a flash mob dance (naturally) and hadn’t brought flats.

They’re really comfortable and I’ve worn them lots over the last few days. I can definitely envisage another trip to Primark for other colours soon!

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