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Exploring with a pocket microscope

There haven’t been all that many opportunities for us to go out walking these past few weeks, what with the bad weather and me not taking to the first three months of pregnancy very well. So as soon as the…
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Project 365: Week 11

Week eleven seems to have been a week of people in the main. Days 67 to 73 look like this for us … Day Sixty Seven A selfie from me with my best fluffy friend, Betsy the Dog! Day Sixty…
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How to make rock bugs

Last week I took the boys down to a nearby country park after school. Due to the fact that I’m not at all organised they ended up getting muddy in their school uniforms but I’m pretty sure the recklessness of…
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Making Magnetic Slime

I was browsing Pinterest when I came across someone who had made magnetic slime. I thought the boys would love to make their own slime, so I clicked through to find out what I needed to buy. Unfortunately, the site…
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