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Giveaway: Num Noms deluxe pack and more!

One of the latest playground trends is Num Noms; collectible scented characters with scented shell lids! Take a Num, the outer, soft, squishy, hollow characters, and nestle it on top of a Nom, the inner, hard-shelled characters that are either motorised…
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Our backpacking adventure: Route

Last August I took leave of my senses completely and spent 6 nights backpacking in the south of the UK with my husband, our four year old and our seven year old. We decided that we’d like to see some…
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New Forest Water Park

When I think of water parks I think of holidays abroad, but down in the New Forest they are working on something much closer to home. Here’s what New Forest Water Park have to say about their new and exciting…
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Red Bank Farm, Bolton-Le-Sands

As I unzipped my tent at silly o’clock in the morning I found myself nose-to-beak with a hen. Yes, I was at Red Bank Farm. Red Bank Farm is one of my favourite sites. A quiet site, right by the sea, Red Bank Farm is…
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