Chicken Charades: Game Review


A little while back we received a game from University Games called Chicken Charades. I thought it would be fun to play with the children so I agreed to review and feedback on the blog.

This is my feedback: I was wrong – it’s FAR better with grown ups instead!

You could try to play Chicken Charades with young kids, but my boys are 4 and 7 and they were utterly rubbish. There’s a reason why the game is aimed at players aged eight and over, and my kids are a prime example of it!

As a side note, don’t ask the dog to play either. Dogs + rubber chicken = headless chicken. Luckily for us we were watching when she nicked the essential part of the game.

chicken dog

But although it’s not for the kids, and the dog is banished too, don’t write off this synthetic-poultry based game just yet because Chicken Charades is HILARIOUS to play with adults, especially ones that aren’t shy!

The idea is simple. It’s charades, but with a chicken.

Everyone’s played charades, right? It’s EASY.

Easy, that is, until you have to act out the phrase ‘toilet paper’ with a squeaky chicken. Not so cocky now, are you, Grandma!

Each player acts out a phrase from one of the 1000 prompt cards and the other players have ten seconds (egg timer provided) in which to guess what the ‘chook’ they’re trying to say!

To be honest, we decided that after an undisclosed quantity of prosecco we were going to ditch the timer and just keep going until either someone guessed right or everyone was utterly confused. That worked well for us!

I would have liked to include some photos from our game of Chicken Charades, but quite frankly, they were the most unflattering snaps I’ve ever seen!

If you have planned a sophisticated, dignified evening then don’t bother with this game. But if you’re after a lot of fun and a fast paced game with side splitting results – this is definitely for you – though I would highly recommend putting the kids to bed first.

Fast Facts:

Chicken Charades is brought to you by University Games and is available is most toy shops

RRP: £19.99

Recommended age: 8+

My Thoughts

Play this game after the kids bedtime and – if you’re that way inclined – after one or two glasses of something alcoholic. I’d recommend this game to friends – or better still I’d invite them round to ours for a game!

The chicken prop itself is durable, though I’m not sure how long it’d last in the wrong paws. The head screws off the body just for the purpose of fitting everything into the box.

With over 1000 prompt cards, you can play this lots of times and not find any repeated phrases to act out, which makes it a good after-dinner game even if you’ve invited the entire street on different nights.

The only thing I’d change about this game would be the timer – ten seconds is practically no time at all and I think 30 seconds would make things much more doable.

*Disclaimer*: We were sent a complimentary copy of Chicken Charades for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own and my review is honest.

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