Our 2015 adventures: part two

I looked back recently at the first three months of this year and the adventures we’ve had during that time.

Today I’m covering April, May and June of this year and looking back on the incredibly precious time we spent together as a family.


The Great British Food Festival

This was a really wonderful day and actually turned out to be far better than I was expecting it to be. I was ready for row upon row of food stall, each vendor trying to sell some obscure kind of meat or a bluer than blue cheese but in fact what I found was the perfect mix of food (no weird stuff either), country fayre, entertainment and gift stalls. It was a fantastic event which we all enjoyed.

GBFF Louis Owl


Radcliffe Borough Mean Machine Fundraiser

With Louis being in the under 8’s team, Ted being a coach and Rowan being part of the Development Group, we’re pretty heavily involved in our local grass roots football organisation. Back in May, both the boys and Ted participated in games as part of the annual Mean Machine fun day, where a group of amateurs (mainly dads of the boys in the youth teams) played against our local football team. Luckily for us, the local team isn’t in the Premier League! This is Rowan taking part in the ‘Development Dribble’ around the pitch… I’ve no idea why he doesn’t have a football!

Rowan May



The beginning of June was an incredibly sad time for me and lots of people I know as we said goodbye to Ashlee at just 32 years old. I know that’s not something that can be categorised as an adventure but I cannot look back on that month without giving Ashlee a mention. 

We did have some good times as a family in June though…

In June this year we visited a place in the North York Moors that’ll always, always be special to me. North Shire (formerly Golden Hill Farm) is perfectly situated on the moors, providing the tranquillity you just don’t get on a commercialised camp site. We loved every minute of our stay in the unique gypsy style caravan, though these days North Shire is all about the world’s only habitable hobbit house!

Gypsy Wagon

Are you starting to look back on your year so far? Are you looking back with fondness or do you wish you’d done more? Will your reflection affect your plans for 2016?


  1. I have been doing a Project 365 thing on Instagram, I love looking back on my posts for the year- I can’t wait to put them all together to see 🙂 It’s been a tough year for me, but looking back helps me realise how much I’ve done! Your stay in the Gypsy caravan looks like an interesting one! Sorry to hear about your sad news in June x

    • I was actually quite surprised at how much we did fit into this year. When you break it down you really don’t have all that much time and it’s great to look back and think we made the most of quite a lot of it. I hope next year is better for you xx

  2. Wow that gypsy style caravan looks so cool. It sounds like a really good festival too, I don’t like weird stuff either 🙂 i love doing one of those looking back over 12 month type posts. I need to do it this weekend.

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