Festwich: The Free Music Festival!

If there’s one event we clear our diaries for each summer it’s this.

Festwich is a family orientated rock and indie music festival held in Prestwich, Manchester. In it’s third year now, the festival is bigger and better year on year and we’ve loved being at each one.

Running from lunch time until late evening, you can watch constant live music from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave.

If for some bizarre reason you want a break from the music (say, for example you have two kids whining for food) there is a fun fair, loads of food stalls, a couple of beer tents and a small market too. Enough to have an enjoyable wander around the field whilst still being able to hear the music from the main stage.

Beer prices are average for a festival and last year a pint would cost you about four quid. I don’t mind the beer prices being steep because I hope it stops people going over the top and getting leathered at a family event. I’m not so keen on the food prices but you can leave the event and be ‘stamped’ for re-entry if you want to walk into Prestwich for some dinner. You’re not forced to pay inflated prices, though when you consider that the festival itself is free (aside from the tiny booking fee) it seems quite alright to pay for a bit of grub.

Louis was only 4 when we first went and I was worried he would be a bit overwhelmed by all the noise and crowds. I won’t tell you what he was like, I’ll just show you this promo photo they used for the following year …



So you can see just how traumatised he was(!)

The following year was even better than the first as we went VIP meaning we had access to some less-used toilets and a stress-free bar.this was us last year…



The bands on the main stage are tribute bands and they are all hand picked by the organisers of Festwich. Some of our particular favourites are Are You Experienced? which is a tribute to Jimmy Hendrix and Whole Lotta DC. Rowan made a new friend last year too…



If you can get yourself to Manchester and you love rock music, this is the festival for you. There are no camping facilities but Prestwich is easily accessible from Manchester city centre where you can stay in any number of hotels.

If you’re nearer to Preston, the organisers of Festwich are bringing the rock to you from next year. I’ll probably be taking the kids to both!

There’s also a truly excellent second stage at Festwich run by Manchester Rocks and Future Classics. Dan, the guy who runs Manchester Rocks, lives and breathes rock music and chooses an excellent selection of performers. It’s impossible to be disappointed. Read their review from a real rockers perspective.

(Incidentally, Manchester Rocks do an awful lot to raise money for cancer charities – yet another reason to support them!)

The bands that stood out from the second stage last year were KnotSlip and Pearl Scam – both brilliant sets and the crowd was FANTASTIC for both. If you can check either of those out at other venues (they both play at live music venues across the country) them seize the opportunity to see them live.

Festwich this year is held at St. Mary’s Park on 26th & 27th July. Tickets (not many!) are still available from Ticketline here.

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