Review: ZeroWater 12-cup water filter jug

We don’t often drink tap water at home because we much prefer bottled, but we dont like the impact bottled water has on the environment with all the plastic waste.

I think we’ve found a compromise though, as we’ve been trialling the ZeroWater 12-cup water filter jug for a couple of weeks and I’m not sure we’ll ever go back to bottled water now.

The Zerowater water dispenser is fab. It is a large jug with the latest filter technology to take all of the dissolved metal solids out of the water. It comes with a handy gauge to measure the amount of dissolved solids in a ppg range (parts per gallon). I have done a little experiment with the tester in a glass of our regular tap water in North West UK, and compared it with the water that has been through the filtration system.

Our tap water reads anywhere between 49 ppg and 70 ppg meaning that there are a certain amount of dissolved solids like lead residue in there. The gauge however, when introduced to the ZeroWater filtered water, gives a straight zero result. As far as the instructions say, this filter should last for quite a while before needing to change the filter. We have been using ours for over a month and haven’t noticed a change yet. The packaging suggests that the reading on the gauge will change to around 003 when the filter needs changing.

As well as being able to pour from the jug in the conventional way there is a tap dispenser too, which is perfect for the children to use as the jug is heavy when full.

The ZeroWater jug is a bit cumbersome but it does fit in the fridge door, just about.

I would definitely choose to buy this ZeroWater system if I hadn’t had the chance to review it. The major plus for me is that the water actually tastes nice, like a bottle of Evian or similar. It is also good to know that the children will be consuming good, proper water.

In terms of a rating, not much gets a 10 out of 10 but this would really be a contender!

Karen x

*we were sent the ZeroWater jug free of charge for the purpose of this review

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