Meal Planning Monday: 23.02.2015

We went all out on Pancake day!
We went all out on Pancake day!

Ah, here I am again with my sporadic meal planning. I promise that I do plan our meals every single week, I just don’t always have time to blog them.

This week I’ve found a spare few minutes to join in with it all though, so here’s what I’ll be feeding the family over the next seven days.

Monday: Sausage casserole. This is a really easy one to chuck into the slow cooker in a morning. The sausage I buy from our local butcher has just a fraction of the fat content I used to get from supermarket sausages so they’re fine to slow cook. I used to get a horrid sea of grease on top of the casserole with the others – yuck!

Tuesday: The children will be out for dinner and Ted won’t be back from work when I eat, so it’ll be a jacket potato with a portion of home made chicken curry from the freezer.

Wednesday: I think on Wednesday I’ll do Hunters Chicken. Chicken breast wrapped in bacon, drizzled with BBQ sauce and topped with cheese. The boys love this dish – and so do I.

Thursday: I got some beef and chorizo burgers from the butcher today so we’ll try those with a colourful salad and maybe some savoury rice.

Friday: Turkey Stir Fry: I love a stir fry but the boys sometimes turn up their noses. That won’t stop me serving it up though – you never know when they might suddenly change their minds!

Saturday: Chilli Con Carne. Everyone here loves a good chilli and on a Saturday night we tend to want a meal that we can eat from a bowl in front of a film or maybe just have as supper if we’ve had a late lunch. I’m making myself hungry now …

Sunday: Is it sad that I’m looking forward to Sunday because I’ve bought half a leg of lamb and I just know it’s going to be delicious?! Lamb is our favourite roast and there are never any left overs!

Meal Planning Monday

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