#BEDA Day Sixteen: If I Won The Lottery

good life

I’m not a greedy person, I wouldn’t need to be a multi-millionaire to feel as though I’d hit the jackpot.

I would buy a nice house for us to live in and set up a business. Probably one that cares for people or animals. Maybe I’d buy a small holding or a farm instead.

By far the most important thing to me though would be to make sure my close friends and family were okay.

I wouldn’t retire (unless I was old enough!) but I would make our lives better by being able to free up enough time to spend with my children. If they were still little, as they are now, I’d probably take them out of school and have them home schooled. I’d probably do a lot of the home schooling myself and draft in experts for secondary level.

I’d move away from where we live now, but not far. Only to the nearest bit of countryside!

I’d get another dog, too. Nothing spectacular, probably not a pedigree but another Border Collie like Betsy.

I think I’m quite easy to please really!

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