BabyBjorn One Outdoor Baby Carrier

The BabyBjorn One Outdoor carrier is suitable from newborn to approximately three years old, and we have used it at different stages with Squidge. He is just turned two now and not really a fan of being worn anymore, preferring to follow his curiousity wherever it may take him. Unfortunately for him, following a toddler all day every day doesn’t make for a productive time and so sometimes he still needs to go in the carrier.

The BabyBjorn One Outdoor is ergonomically designed and is really comfortable for both the parent and the child. The padded waist belt feels both secure and snug and is so easy to fasten.

This is a four way carrier which means your child can be carried on your front, facing you in either the newborn or the older baby position, on your front, facing outwards or on your back. We moved onto the back carrying position some time ago but I must admit I do miss seeing Squidge’s little face while I wear him!

The newborn position doesn’t require any additional pieces, it just has a built in zip so it take just a moment to switch to the newborn size. The interior is made with a super soft interior which is comfortable for baby and the fabric is breathable too, so you can be sure you’ll both be comfortable on your adventures.

(I know his leg doesn’t look right – he was protesting!)

This is a great carrier for hiking because although I find it takes slightly longer to put on than some other carriers, once it’s on it is comfortable for hours if you need to wear it that long. Squidge is two now so he walks a little of the way when we’re out walking but he isn’t a huge fan of walking in the same direction as everyone else, so the carrier is great for making progress when we’ve spent time following him on his random adventures.

Some of my favourite features of the BabyBjorn One Outdoor carrier are the padded straps which provide so much comfort, and the adjustable straps for both parent and child. Every strap is adjustable, making the carrier perfect for all shapes, sizes and baby weights up to 33lbs.

The BabyBjorn One Outdoor carrier is bigger and bulkier than the other slings and carriers I’ve had, but it lasts much longer and is more hardwearing. The material is water-repellant and is approved in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class 1 for baby products. It’s quick drying too so if you do get caught in a shower you’ll both be dry in no time. It’s machine washable too which is always a really useful feature for anything child-related.

Once your expedition is over, whether you’ve been uphill and down dale or jist nipped to the shops, the BabyBjorn One Outdoor simply folds away into it’s colour-coordinated storage bag ready for another day.

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