5 Compelling Reasons To Hold A Child’s Party At Home

Birthdays are the most exciting days in any child’s life, and your son or daughter has probably been counting down the days for some time. Throwing a party is a great way to celebrate in style.

You’ve probably analysed a whole host of different venues. In truth, though, hosting the party at home is usually the best option by far. Here’s why:

#1. It’s Cheaper

Money is an important factor, and we all have budgets that must be respected. When organising a home party, you may find that you spend money on bouncy castle hires and other entertainment. Even so, it’s likely to work out cheaper than paying £20-a-head at the local attractions. Ultimately, your child is the only one you want to spoil anyway. Saving more money for presents and other treats can only be a good thing.

#2. No Deadlines

When you decide to book a party at a play centre or a go-karting track, you need confirmation of numbers. Conversely, it becomes a far less pressing matter when the party is at home. Sending out invitations is still crucial as you want to know where you stand, and your child can find great designs at Paper Themes. Still, this gives the guests far more time to RSVP. And if one or two people do drop out, it won’t cause as many issues.

#3. Better Food

Food is an important part of any child’s birthday party. From experience, the food at organised events is usually expensive and tasteless. Creating some party foods isn’t difficult, and you could even look at picnic ideas. Meanwhile, it helps you cater to children with intolerances and allergies. You’ll get better value, better taste, and happier guests. Furthermore, you can make a bigger deal about the cake. The leftovers are sure to keep your family happy for a couple of days too.

#4. No Outside Dangers

When you organise a party, the other children are in your care too. As such, it’s imperative that you keep them safe. With events held at public places, there could be older children on site too. This can cause a few issues for your party while there’s also the threat of stealing. Invest in a garden door lock, which can be found at Screwfix and hardware stores, and the home party will be far safer. Ask some of the other parents to help out with supervision in return for your help at theirs. Keeping the kids safe will seem easier than ever.

#5. Less Hassle
Above all else, organising a home party is just easier. There’s less travel, greater control, and a far smaller list of things to do. Moreover, it gives you the versatility of being able to let kids have a sleepover to keep the fun going far longer. Given that many organised outside events will be limited to two or three hours, this has to be a factor worth noting. The kids will have a better time, and so will you. If that doesn’t inspire you to choose a home party over the alternatives, nothing will.

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