Introducing … Geronimo Festival

We have had SUCH a great month in January with lots of exciting news and invitations for the year ahead. Our social calendar is looking promising already and I can’t wait to get it all documented here.

We are a family who love to get outdoors. We love music, shows, gaining new experiences, learning new things – there’s never a dull day in our house.

Everything we do contributes to the special memories I hope the boys will have when they look back on their childhood. I have such fond memories of growing up, and many of those are of simple, imagination-based activities. My children are slightly more fortunate though because from time to time brands like the look of what I do here on the blog and we get to work together on some pretty awesome stuff.

Which brings me to the first announcement of the year – we are going to be …

Geronimo Ambassador

Ambassadors for the Geronimo Festival!

We are incredibly excited to have been chosen as ambassadors and can’t wait to get over to Tatton Park in Cheshire at the end of May. Louis has already had a look through the site with me and picked out certain things he wants to do … like riding a camel! Actually, when I got this email I responded to say I’d just flown 1700 miles to ride a camel, and now it turns out I could’ve just driven down the M56. Ah well.

When I read the press release, one of the points highlighted was that the aim of this event is to encourage quality family time. I put a lot of emphasis on family time for me, Ted and the boys so I think it was this line that caught my eye.

So, during this family time, what can we do? Lets see …

Aside from riding a camel (I’m not even making that up) there is SO MUCH on offer, and something for each age group too. I’ve been to many events, and often find that very small people can be easily overlooked. Geronimo is actually free for the under twos so considering there will be no charge for them I was surprised to read that¬†there is a dedicated area for those of us less than three feet tall. I won’t qualify for that though – just!

Another thing that grabbed my attention was something that made me think specifically of Rowan. He’s been learning all about circus life at school for a few weeks now and is on a school trip next week to learn circus skills. I can’t tell you how excited he is. He’s pestered me to find a song online that he knows from school (I had to google the few clear lyrics he knew) and it turned out to be ‘Join the Circus’ by Barnum. Now he knows plenty more of the words … and so do we!

Anyway, I digress. Rowan will be beside himself when he sees the Circus Zone. In fact, I can see Ted having to take Louis off to the Adrenaline Zone while I spend all day watching Rowan fall off a (hopefully very low) tightrope. I’m kinda hoping though that we’ll be allowed to leave the dangerous stuff to the professionals!

All in all, there are six areas of great big massive fun to be visited throughout the day. they are:

The Geronostage zone

The Adrenaline zone

The 3ft and under zone

The Groovy zone

The Funky Junk zone

The Circus zone

Early Bird tickets are on sale now and start at ¬£16 per person, which to be honest seems really reasonable to me – and I’m a bargain hunter!

You can get a whole host of information about Geronimo Festival on their website and you can buy your tickets there too.

Oh – and did I mention that Katie from Cbeebies’ I Can Cook and Mr. Bloom will also be there? The kids will think you’re the bees knees when they meet famous people!

Are you going? Which zone are you looking forward to showing your children?



This post was originally published on grumpyishmum. But I wrote it there, so I’m having it here, too.

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