#BEDA Day Eight/Vlog Challenge: What’s In Your Handbag?

For a few weeks now, I’ve been itching to get involved with vlogging. I’ve been watching Nickie and Kate‘s vlogs and have put off joining in because I thought I’d sound like a dick or look really fat or something.

Then I though ‘sod it’ – and here’s my first entry into #vlogchallenge …

I’ve not a bloody clue how to add text to my videos like the other vloggers do – maybe I’ll learn along the way. Maybe I won’t.

For now, here’s what’s in my bag, because I know you’re dying to know.

Maybe next week I’ll wear a bra and brush my hair and you’ll marvel at how lovely I look in comparison to this week.



  1. Brilliant first vlog! Don’t worry about editing and adding text yet – the idea of #vlogchallenge is to get people comfortable with talking to camera to give you another string to your bow and so that you can use that skill elsewhere.

    See you next week?

  2. Well impressed with your first vlog missus. I think I will join in on this one – it will be a surprise to me what is in my bag ha ha 🙂 Great video love – look forward to more! x

  3. I think your vlog is awesome. I’m new to this too. This week’s challenge is my 4th. I’ve not done any editing or text yet. I know it’s a bit hard when you see others, but I feel I need to get the confidence but first and I’m still not there yet x

    • Aww Susan you’re a great blogger and I’m sure you’re a wonderful vlogger too! Let’s get confident together!

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