#BEDA Day One: Introduction & Photo

This month I’m taking part in a challenge. #BEDA – Blog Every Day in August – is a series of daily blog prompts from Emma at Outmumbered and the challenge was presented to me by my mum!

So, along with Pat (aka, my mum) and Hayley (my sister) I’m going to attempt to blog every day this month, because it’s the only month the kids are off school for the entire time, and we’ve got nothing planned for the next few weeks and …

… Oh, hang on. That’s not quite right…

But anyway – I’m gonna give it a go.

Day one’s prompt is:

Introduction and a recent photo of yourself

Now, I know the operative word is recent, but you *really* don’t want to see a photo of me right now, in my pjs, hair all over and mahoosive eye bags. So here’s a photo from last weekend which is slightly less offensive to the eyes!



This was me last weekend ready to go to a festival. I was actually more casually dressed than this photograph suggests; the dress is a cotton summer dress and I wore flip flops. We had a bloody brilliant day and rocked out with our kids for hours on end! I did end up with a sore back from bouncing up and down to a Metallica tribute band with a six year old on my shoulders though!

Moving on to the ‘introduction’ part of the prompt …

I’m Karen. I blog here and also at Grumpyishmum which is a blog about family life, activities and days out. This blog is mine. Mine to write whatever I like. Not commercialised, not censored, just me.

I’m in my early thirties and married to a guy called Ted. We have two boys aged 6 and 3 and we live in North West England. I’m a self-confessed internet addict but am crap at technical stuff. I check Facebook 581019898 times a day and help to run a Facebook group called North West Bloggers UK.

I’m a part time carer and blogging is a hobby that takes up more time than work.

I have a dog (Betsy) and a cat (Simba) and until recently we also had Heidi the Chameleon but sadly she died last month.

So that’s a little about me. I’m going to link up to Emma’s blog and get to know a little about some more people!


  1. I love this photo of you. I never have dress-up photos, I always have my hair scraped back ha ha. Maybe I need to find an excuse to dress up. Blog every day in August? Eeek that will take up some time, good luck! 🙂 x

    • C’mon Kerrie – you can blog every day in August can’t you? It’s not like you’ve got a job or a family or anything …

    • Oh we did Shay! You know what the best bit was? The tickets for the festival were free! It’s called Festwich and it’s in it’s third year now – absolutely brilliant!

  2. Nice to meet you. I’m blogging everyday in august to. I’m rubbish with sticking to these things so i’m really hoping to succeed. #BEDAOutmumbered

  3. I’m like you – love the internet, forever on Facebook but suck at the technical stuff. Luckily I’m a good Google-r and you can find help for most things on there ;D x

    • Google is your friend! I’m always happy to know Google lol – I’d be even more clueless without it!

  4. Hi is really nice to meet you. I am doing the challenge too and can’t wait to read some more of your posts 🙂 it’s my first time doing a challenge like this so I am hoping I can make it to the end.
    Can’t wait to read your posts soon. Nikki x #BEDA

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