Review: BRIO Push & Go Racer

Squidge has an obsession with ‘brum cars’. Anything with wheels is a car to him: scooter, train, the vacuum cleaner… though that’s minor detail when you’re just turned two.

The latest addition to our car collection is the BRIO Push & Go Racer.

BRIO has been a household name for many years, and while we always associated them with their wooden train sets they are now producers of many other beautifully crafted toys too. One of their newest products is the BRIO Push & Go Racer.

Anyone who has owned anything made by BRIO will know that their products are of excellent quality and are highly durable. The BRIO Push & Go Racer is no different. It’s sturdy abd well made, and 100% of the wood used is certified by the FSC, so I know it’s responsibly sourced.

The BRIO Push & Go Racer is simple to use but will keep Squidge busy for a good ten minutes when it comes out of the toy box. He just used it as a push-along car to begin with but he soon realised that his little brum car goes faster when he pushes the driver down!

This car is great for hand-eye co-ordination, gross motor skill development and for investigating movement. It’s a high quality, responsibly produced, hard wearing product just as you would expect from BRIO.

The paint used by BRIO is non-toxic and free from metals and phthalates, and the colours are based around the first colours children learn, making them perfect resources for colour sorting activities if you have several toys from the BRIO family.

We have enjoyed finding out about the new BRIO Push & Go Racer and are looking forward to a certain man in a red suit bringing some more vehicles to add to the collection this December.

Do you have BRIO in your house? Did you have some as a child?

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