5 designer baby bargains this Autumn

One of the things I love about having a new baby is that I can buy loads of gorgeous clothes without feeling an ounce of spending guilt. Eric has some beautiful designer baby clothes already, many of them bought in the sale too because I love a good bargain. Here are five of my favourites…

Bargain 1

Romper, Baker by Ted Baker

I think babies are most comfortable in sleepsuits rather than proper clothes when they are newborn, but for a special occasion they may need something a little bit more snazzy – like this romper from Ted Baker at Debenhams. Smart, but still practical and comfortable – perfect!

Pram shoes, Ralph Lauren sale

How cute are these?! Currently in the sale at just £15.00, what’s not to love about tiny designer shoes?

Bargain 2

T-shirt and jeans, both by Ted Baker

When not in sleepsuits though, how cute would baby look in jeans and a collar? I love the little trim on the jean hem – like teeny weeny grown up clothes! Perfect for when the family goes out for a special occasion.

designer baby coat

Coat, Hugo Boss sale

With the nights drawing in and the weather getting cooler by the day, a good coat is an essential item for your small person. I love this navy jacket by Hugo Boss, and it currently has £19.00 off too.

Designer baby clothes aren’t the cheapest way to clothe your baby, but they are super cute! I found all of these via the lovethesales.com website – it’s loads easier than scouring tens of sites for a bargain; especially with Black Friday deals coming up on 25th November this year.

What will you search for in the sales this year?

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